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Children Learning Reading is IDEALLY suited for teaching Preschoolers how to read.












    This early reading program is phonics based, like most of the other effective reading programs available today, but Children Learning Reading has a unique presentation that sets it apart from the others. This program’s specialized instruction style is exclusively designed to target very young children aged three to four.  The high level of success Children Learning Reading has achieved with preschoolers, leaves little room for doubt that three to four year old children are  ready to begin reading.  Their eagerness to learn, and to please, were taken into consideration when the program was written, and the results prove that preschool children are not only eager to begin reading, they’re very capable as well.

While Children Learning Reading was designed with very young children in mind,  parents or teachers will find this program  is adaptable for teaching any age child, or group of children to read. In the privacy of a one-on-one setting, a single lesson can easily be  personalized to suit the individual needs or requirements of anyone using the program (parent and child, or a teacher and student).  The lessons in the CLR reading program can be modified or condensed, to teach different size groups of  children, at various ages.  It is recommended for a small group of 4 to 5 preschoolers in a day-care setting, or groups of kids in after school care at a community center. The instructions are totally self-explanatory, easy to follow and will certainly  adapt to suit your needs.

The instructions to the Children Learning Reading course are one of it’s strongest features, and one of the primary reasons the course is so effective.  When teaching young children, it’s critical to incorporate consistency, repetition, visual aids, and frequent reviews of previous lessons – and let’s not forget lots of encouragement, praise and reassurance. And, because consistency and repetition are vital to the effectiveness of the program, the reader/course instructor, is led through each of the first few lessons, in subsequent order,  using the same specific teaching techniques every time.  If it seems repetitive, it is, intentionally so.  By  repeating the same teaching techniques, the method of instruction becomes an automatic process by the 3rd or 4th lesson.  Educators have used this process for decades, in both public and private schools, and it has been proven the most effective method for teaching young children to read.

The Children Learning Reading course is well researched and methodically written so that any person who can read, follow instructions and wants to help a child learn to read,  can accomplish that goal.

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A mother and children bonding over a story

Teaching your children how to read offers a  guaranteed return on your investment – but if you want to guarantee a successful future for your children as well, make sure they can read before they start to school.  Parents are amazed by how easily preschool age children can be taught to read.  This is because they are eager to learn, and they are  eager to please you. Plus, reading children start school with a confidence that makes them leaders – they excel in their  academic, social and  personal lives.





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